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Indie-folk-lounge-rock, with blast beats.

Almost family-friendly.


The Story


BIG BANGS is the story of chests torn open and universes exploded from collapse. When boiling up from streams and erupting from fissures, chaos ruptured and engulfed Earth in dense fog. When fighting to escape fang and stench, hobbling another mile on salt-pillar legs. We witnessed, then from total wakefulness awoke to life, as new as if it followed death. Chaos yields its power to order. Each of us, the assembly of elements and the unique center of the universe that we are, Big Bangs is the call to coalesce then explode, from your individual point of order into your own universe of Being.


The Music


BIG BANGS carries on the tradition of powerful American genres, with a foundation in rock, blasting out sound and syncopation from the core elements of vocals, guitar, drums, and bass. Melding with art rock, folk, jazz, and blues, the full female vocals are a yearning for satisfaction in dissatisfaction. For peace within the war. Metal-powered drums tackle each note and buoy each sentiment. Lush, rhythmic, acoustic guitar fills in the crevices and greases the gears. 


Small-town Oregonian, singer-songwriter, guitar, vocals, bass, production, and other things.


Fellow small-town Oregonian, drums, bass and whatnot.